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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dodgers Interested In Washburn?

A rumor originating at Fanhouse claims the Dodgers are interested in Jarrod Washburn, but the funny part is this Bleacher Report commentary on such a trade:
In regards to Washburn, a three prospect package containing two high rated prospects, and a mid to low level, is what can be expected. I would expect them to be looking for a SS with the lackadaisical Yuniesky Betancourt drawing the ire of many Mariners fans. I know I am not the only one wishing those Jack Wilson trade rumors had not fallen through.
Seriously? Seriously? This is delusional. Here's the haul that C.C. Sabathia fetched: Matt LaPorta (the top hitter in the Brewers' system and a top prospect anywhere), Rob Bryson (a closer in the Pioneer League with a 2.67 ERA), scratch reliever Zach Jackson, and a PTBNL, 1B-OF Mickey Brantley. That's for a top five pitcher in the majors. There is no way that Washburn is worth anywhere near that. You're talking about a fifth starter here, kids.

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