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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jake Locker To Talk To Angels

Jake Locker is still a football-first guy, but he'll sit down with the Angels to talk about his recent drafting, according to the Seattle Times.
"It will be our first chance to see what direction this is going," Scott Locker said on Tuesday morning before heading to Seattle for the meeting. Locker is acting as his son's adviser as Jake Locker cannot hire an agent without losing his football eligibility.

What Scott Locker said has remained clear in the two weeks since the Angels drafted Locker in the 10th round, however, is his son's commitment to football.

"His main goal in life is to be a next-level football guy," Scott Locker said. "He wants to play on Sundays, and that's the goal."

Scott Locker said Jake has continued to make it clear to the Angels that he does not want to play baseball this summer even if he signs, and is unlikely to want to play next summer, though that hasn't been completely ruled out.

But the Angels are apparently fine with that as their interest in Locker remains far in the future. If the Angels sign him by Aug. 17, they will hold his rights for the next six years, banking that he may want to turn to baseball someday if football doesn't work out.

"In all the initial talks and things it was all about just the down-the-road prospect of having him should he hit a bump in his football career," Scott Locker said. "Then they would be the first in line."

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