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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scioscia Not Sending Messages?

Today: "Howie Kendrick's Demotion Is Not A Message":
Howie Kendrick's demotion to triple-A Salt Lake after Friday night's game did not come with a produce-or-else edict for the rest of the Angels, Manager Mike Scioscia insisted.

"No message needed to be sent to the clubhouse," Scioscia said. "These guys understand the expectations. This move was about trying to get Howie back on track."

Thursday: "Scioscia Vents After Halos Get Handled":
The only meaningful statement made by a member of the Angels' cast at Tropicana Field on Thursday was delivered by manager Mike Scioscia when he vented in the wake of an 11-1 demolition at the hands of the scorching Rays.

"Well-deserved," Torii Hunter said in reference to the tongue-lashing that followed another kind of lashing fueled by homers from Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford, Dioner Navarro and Carlos Pena.

"That's a bad game," Scioscia said. "None of us are happy about how we went after it tonight, and we need to get better and play with a consistency.

"If guys in that room aren't going to do it, then we're going to have to look at some changes."

Those of you in the reading audience looking for the arrow of causality might be wondering whether Scioscia took a look at the schedule before his venting took place, with an eye to strength of opponent... Howard Kendrick's demotion not being part of a message, though, doesn't frankly make much sense in light of the week's earlier commentary. Backpedaling now isn't going to make much difference either way.


I t was a message Howie has had trouble with the breaking ball since he came,solid player can crush the fast ball but the difference between triple a and the bigs the pitchers at triple A can throw the smokebut they can't throw there other pitches for strikes.I can hit a 90 mph fast ball but throw in a slideror a change up now that's a different story,Howie needs to learn how to hit that pitchHowie will be good he just doesn't have the experince the baseball savy as I sturis or some of the other Latin players.Thas why the Angels have so many Latin players,they go home and play winter ball and the talent is probably at or near the same level as our pro's.I like Howie I like the Angels and if this was last year Howie would have not been sent down. But the Angels are off to a rough start ther relieft pitching stinks and with Santana and Lackey coming off the dl there not in top form Arrendeno is not the pitcher of last year (bet Moreno could kick himself for letting Frankie go) Shields is done for this year,spier is not fooling anyone and the youngs well are just that young guys,we can only see about them,never fear I am an Angel fan and I stand behind my team and Mike
Howie was a lot better last year ... if it were as simple as him being unable to hit breaking pitches, I would tend to think he'd have been discovered a lot earlier than this.

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