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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Via the ever-amusing Sons Of Steve Garvey comes word that the Mariners are hosting a Cheezburgers Night tonight for fans of LOLCATS website, aka icanhascheezburger.com.
It's a Cheezburger Night wif the Seattle Mariners!!!1! (Safeco Field on Thursday, July 9) Bring awl of ur frends and familee 2 dis fun event. We will haz sum awesum pre-game festivitiez and u can meet sum noo Cheez Frends! And if u buy ur tickets thru dis speshul offer, u git a FREE Cheezburger Nite t-shirt! Woo hoo!!1!! C u awl der!


  • Join us pre-game for "Happy Cat Hour" in the Ellis Pavilion! Please enter through the door along 1st Avenue located next to the Third Base Entry. Meet Chief Cheezburger Ben Huh!
  • Receive a FREE t-shirt when you purchase tickets through this special offer (while supplies last)! Pick your shirt up in the Ellis Pavilion before 6:30 pm, or stop by the table on the concourse outside section 333.

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