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Friday, July 31, 2009

Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz Tested Positive For Something-Or-Other In 2003

David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, which of course puts an asterisk by the Boston Red Sox' 2004 and 2007 titles, taints every accomplishment they ever had on the field, and crushes baby kittens into pulp. I share Jon's absolute indifference to the news (as well as his well-placed use of sneer quotes around the word "anonymous"), especially when Bill Plaschke gets up off his seat and does a 180 from last week's oddball micro-hagiography (no, Manny's slam doesn't deserve to be in the top 10 of any list of memorable Dodger home runs).

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When I saw that Plaschke (America's Worst Writer) column, all I could think was, "Doesn't he remember that Paul Lo Duca, the heart-and-soul, took steroids also?"
Helen wondered how many hearts and souls the Dodgers have had either installed or removed in Bill Plaschke's tenure. It's a good question.
Bill Plaschke also got the 4 + 1 Nomar Garciaparra walk-off home run wrong. The most important home run in that game was the fourth of the back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs hit by Marlon Anderson. Anderson had a 5-for-5 game with two home runs, a triple, and two singles. Earlier in the game Anderson hit a foul ball into the 121-123 loge aisle that hit the underside of an empty seat across the aisle from me. I picked the ball up and showed it to the fan returning beer in hand to the seat it hit. Look what you missed--finders keepers! That is the only time I got a foul ball and the Hall of Fame requested the players bat after the game.

Trevor Hoffman threw that ninth inning gopher ball to Marlon Anderson. For that he was credited with a blown save. Tonight will be Trevor Hoffman's homecoming at Petco Park. With the Angels and Dodgers both out of town this weekend I have opted to drive down I-5 this afternoon with the hope of hearing Hell's Bells once again.

I am so impressed with Manny Ramirez that I have been to more Padres games (12) this year than Dodgers games (9). Never mind that the Padres are 2-10 in games I have seen this year. Since the July 31st, 2008 trade that brought Man Ram to the Dodgers I have seen Jason Bay out-homer Manny 5 to 1. The only way I will see the Dodgers play more games than the Padres this year is if the Dodgers reach the NLCS. To keep this post more on an Angels-Dodgers track, I have been to forty Angels games in 2009.

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