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Monday, August 17, 2009

Angels' Pitching Woes Squander Postseason Chances?

With the Angels' offense so consistently inconsistent in years past, it seems like the new-look (and possibly historic) Angels offense can't outweigh their weak pitching. Darren Everson in the Wall Street Journal expands:
After a slow start, the Angels are back in first place, headed for a third-straight division title. This is thanks in large part to a thermonuclear offense that's cranking out 5.69 runs per game, the best overall mark in the major leagues.

Trouble is, history says this year's Angels don't pitch well enough to win in October. Through Saturday, the Angels' mark of 5.06 runs allowed per game stood 11th in the 14-team American League, well below the leaguewide average of 4.75. The 2002 Angels, the franchise's only World Series champion, were the AL's top team in runs allowed. Even as they've gained ground, the Angels' ERA since the All-Star break is just 10th in the AL. All this suggests one thing: another quick exit from the postseason.

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The trouble with that theory is, people like Santana and Lackey are getting their groove back. Much of that low ERA is due to injuries and pitchers struggling to find their game after their injuries.

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