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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Doomed, Or, What's A Quality Start? Tigers 5, Angels 3

One. Damn. Quality. Start.


Nobody on this damn team can deliver a quality start. Part of that's on Scioscia, who left Lackey in with 113 pitches on his arm, but. Come. On.

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Eight men left on, a fourteenth double play grounded into. Age eats defense, age eats speed, age eats the body in pieces. But what's the greater risk? You still prefer to re-up Vlad over Figgins?

As the legs decline, Figgins picks up new skills that help him beat the comps. Suddenly he leads the AL in runs, is third in walks, plays an elite third base. That's not Bip Roberts we're seeing. Does it matter if he steals ten fewer bags in the second or third year of a 3-4 year extension. What will Vlad's new skills be? Golf? Jenga?
This team is losing because of its pitching.
All we can do now is hope for a Texas collapse. Then we can enjoy our annual playoff choke. :(
That wasn't my question. Of course the team is losing primarily because of its pitching.
Sorry for being pessimistic. I just am getting tired of having my heart ripped out every year in the first round. I guess I should be thankful my time at least *makes* the playoffs...
Oops meant to type my "team" not my "time"...

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