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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"It Is Hallelujah Time In Denver"*: Rockies 5, Dodgers 4

The Dodgers managed to let an early 2-0 lead get away, that mounted on an Andre Ethier RBI single in the first and Casey Blake's solo blast in the fourth. The Rocks tied it on Brad Hawpe's two-run jack in the bottom of the fourth, and briefly pulled ahead on single runs in the seventh (Clint Barmes solo shot) and eighth (Troy Tulowitzky RBI double) to make it 4-2.

It didn't last long; the Dodgers made an inspired comeback in the top of the ninth, with Matt Kemp getting a sac fly, and Manny Ramirez — 2-for-4 on the night, his first hits since Friday — knocking in one on an RBI single.

That brought in James McDonald to pitch the bottom of the 10th. He gave up a "bunt single" which really amounted to an E3 because McDonald overran the ball, and James Loney — he of the occasional adventures at first — threw the ball away, allowing Ian Stewart (who reached on a walk) to take third. Omar Quintanilla struck out, but McDonald intentionally walked Todd Helton, which amounted to an "out of the frying pan, into the fire" sort of move, because that brought Troy Tulowitzky to the plate.

He did not miss.

And now the Dodgers are only two up in the division race.

Update: MSTI (on Facebook, and now on their blog) point something incredible out:

... [W]hile sometimes you do have to realize that the accepted play in a given situation may not be the right one, SOMETIMES THE BOOK IS THE GOD DAMN BOOK FOR A REASON. Sometimes the choice is so glaringly obvious that to do anything but go with that choice is so insane that it defies explanation.

May I present to you the Rockies coming to the plate in the 10th inning:

Ian Stewart
Carlos Gonzalez
Omar Quintanilla
Todd Helton

Now, what do those four fine gentleman have in common? They're all left-handed hitters. Keep that in mind. So you're Joe Torre. You look into your bullpen. You see George Sherrill.
... and you utterly, completely, and totally fail. Epic fail.

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* Direct quote from Vinny.

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It was Tulo who made the game winning hit for the Rockies, not Helton.
Good grief. Fixed above.

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