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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Old Friend Derek Lowe Pwns The Dodgers: Braves 4, Dodgers 3

Randy Wolf seemed to get blooped to death in this one, especially in the sixth when Diory Hernandez and Greg Norton singled to drive in single runs, Norton's being the go-ahead tally. The Dodgers never quite caught up, and though I enjoyed James Loney's crazy infield single, it wasn't a good substitute for a win. Derek Lowe got the better of his old team, and whether or not you agree with the idea of letting him go (given his age and the duration of contract he was asking for, it seems to me wise), on this one day it hurt.

It was an odd game made even odder by botched foul call from first base vacation umpire Scott Barry that should have been fair, robbing Andre Ethier of a first-inning double.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

Pitching And Defense Win Ballgames, Right? Right? Angels 11, Twins 6

Pretty much another lame Joe Saunders start, complete with lots of opposition scoring early on, both sides traded two-spots in the second, the Angels on Gary Matthews, Jr.'s two-out, bases-clearing double (he was out trying to stretch it to a triple). They retook the lead on a fairly typical singles barrage in the next frame, which had the effect of chasing Twins starter Anthony Swarzak; but the big fireworks were yet to come. In the sixth inning, R.A. Dickey and Bobby Keppel combined to give up three homers (one each to Maicer Izturis, Juan Rivera, and Kendry Morales) before Erick Aybar bounced into an inning-ending double play.

And really, that was the game. Saunders gave up five runs and got the win anyway, Matt Palmer gave up a couple runs over two and two-thirds, but for all that it was frustrating, the Angels are winning these days with their bats and not their pitching, a thing of shreds and patches.

Yahoo boxAngels recap

Oh Noes! Manny And Papi Steroid Users!

I, of course, could care less, but Deadspin sounds this Welchian note:

For legions of fans, a magic spell is broken

NO! NO! The enchantment has worn off! Quick, find all the juniper berries and hearts of cedar you can find. We shall produce a spell that will bring back our precious innocence!

The news struck like a thunderclap


a bolt that shook fans to the core and bruised their fondest memories.

Oh, no! My precious memories! They've been sullied! Unclean! Unclean! Shouting FACK THE YANKEES will never be as sweet as it once was!

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Saunders gave up four, not five. Though I agree he still looked bad.

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