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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dan Szymborski On The Chisox' White Flag II Trade

The last time the Chisox had a late-season purge like this it was 1997, with the consequence that the Giants got Wilson Alvarez, Danny Darwin, and Roberto Hernandez, while the White Sox got Keith Foulke, Bob Howry, Lorenzo Barcelo, Ken Vining, Mike Caruso, and Brian Manning. The '97 Giants actually finished first, 90-72, two games over the Dodgers, while the Chisox finished 80-81, in second place but six games back of Cleveland.

Dan Szymborski revisits this trade in light of that earlier one:

Is this a white flag trade? Yes. Is there anything wrong with that? No.

There comes a time where yes, it's smart to pull out that white flag and wave it furiously. Fighting to the last man, in many cases, including this one, where the result of losing doesn't mean that the Tigers will disembowel the wives and children of White Sox players, is nothing but romantic nonsense.

The White Sox are simply a mediocre team that would have to play the best ball of their lives to have a shot at the playoffs.


They didn't get a lot for Thome or Contreras, but they're only losing a month of their services, after all, and what they got in return is a lot more likely to help them win meaningful games in 2010 and beyond than warm memories of that time they let it all hang out so they could go 79-83 and finish 8 games behind the Tigers.

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Speaking of Szymborski, I had meant to ask you what you thought of his recent projections on Figgins, given he comes to opposite conclusions on Figgins' durability and future value than you do.

I know you'll probably think me a maniac for pressing this point, but I think it's the most interesting decision the Angels have to make this off-season.
If he is smart, he'll take the best deal (most money) he can get.. how often has baseball seen a pretty good player exceed his career averages when money is on the line.
@Maxwell -- not so much. I think it's a fair point; I just haven't given it much thought so far. But you're starting to convince me that Figgins is the one more worth keeping, especially given the expansion of his skill set.

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