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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fire Brian Fuentes: Red Sox 9, Angels 8

Brian Fuentes needs to no longer be the Angels' closer. Two consecutive infield singles was horrible; the BS call by the home plate umpire in Nick Green's at-bat is unconscionable, but it wouldn't have mattered if Fuentes hadn't sucked in the first place.

That is all, for the moment.

Update, morning after edition: Apparently first base umpire Jeff Kellogg's check swing call earlier in the at-bat was also bogus, as Scioscia complained bitterly to the press afterward:

"What was the count -- 3 and 4, to Green?" Angels manager Mike Scioscia asked a media crowd gathered around his desk in the visitors' clubhouse.
I dunno. But I still blame Fuentes for that.

The sad thing is that it marred multiple comebacks in the face of a foe that the Angels have really had to work to beat in recent years, and all while the Sox were down two of their best hitters. The worst part is the smirking Sawx fans who can't get their heads around the fact that they were given the game. Still, Fuentes had Boston to two out with nobody on and imploded. You just can't do that.

Steve Bisheff reminds us — aside from the things I've had problems with in this game, i.e. Fuentes — that Vlad got drilled in the ribs in this one, and he'll probably be out a few games. But even I'm not sure I want Howie Kendrick in there every day, as his striking out with the bases loaded attested. But then, I look at his monthly splits and he seems to be still doing pretty well overall.

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As was the BS call by the 1B ump earlier in the PA.
God bless the Oakland A's.
I'm not really sure what Fuentes could have done better in this game - maybe go after Ortiz. Only 1 ball was hit hard - the one Figgins stopped.

Maybe those two calls, especially the last one, were a giant eff-u to Scioscia, who barks a lot about balls and strikes. On the other hand, he'll have the Angels playing as hard as ever tomorrow.
K-Rod blew a save tonight, so even a different offseason would have given us the same results tonight!
Yeah having a closer who can't close is pretty frustrating, needless to say. I miss the Percival years right about now.
IIRC, Percival had also a lot of trouble against the Bosox.
Whoa pitch 9 was called a BALL??? Yikes... talk about home field advantage!!!
And pitch 7 or 8 (I wasn't watching) was called a check swing, incorrectly according to video.
@Henry: career 8.47 ERA at Fenway. So, your memory about Percival in Boston is correct.
Crying about the calls after you lose is the sure sign of a winner - right after crying about the official scoring.
jacktanner, fair enough. Nonetheless, I hate seeing games get decided by wildly inaccurate calls.

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