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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last Minute Rally Of No Avail: White Sox 4, Angels 3 (10 Innings)

The big story for the AP will be Scott Podsednik's inside-the-parker; and I'm inclined to go that way myself, because there are few plays in baseball as exciting. But really, for the Angels, the nearly indestructible Bobby Abreu showed just how much he needed a day off, as totally misjudging and misplaying a ball as is possible.

The rest of the game was mostly like that, save for a brave and exciting ninth inning rally to tie the game up. I can't get terribly upset about it; you're gonna lose some, and the Sox can still score runs.

ESPN boxAngels recap

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In fact, we entered the tenth inning after Whisox used Dotel/Thornton/Jenks today and linebrink yesterday, four of their best bullpen pitchers. In other word, we had huge advantage to go the tenth inning. I have no idea why Mike Scioscia sent Fuentes to the mound and lost this game. This is a very very terrible lose because this is a game we can win but we did not try to win it and simply just let it go. If this is a July or August game, this is fine. However, this is September and we have a toughest upcoming schedule compared to Rangers and even the Redsox in potential wild card race. Any stupid lose cause us a lot!!!
The 8th also provided a big dose of misery: two on, one out and Jenks gets out of it with just one pitch.

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