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Monday, September 07, 2009

Let Us Talk Of Many Things: Royals 6, Angels 3

It's so often that the fog of my memory recalls something significant that was simply untrue about a game or a series, that I have to check on it. Kendry Morales made some questionable baserunning moves, getting tagged out at third in the fourth on an excellent throw by Royals RF Mitch Meyer, and was caught stealing in yesterday's game. At some point, you have to realize you're dealing with a first baseman, with first baseman's speed, so I put that one completely on Mike Scioscia.

Ervin Santana took a pretty serious beating, going 5.2 with five runs, four earned; the Angels had three errors on the afternoon, one due to Santana himself; the most egregious one was Abreu's overrun of a ball in the sixth that allowed Billy Butler to take second on what should have been an RBI single. Really a messy game.

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