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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Saunders Good Enough: Angels 7, Royals 2

The Angels got another win out of Joe Saunders, but his work was sufficiently sloppy that I do wonder whether the effects of his cortisone shot might be wearing off some; he gave up ten hits in five and a third innings, though he only walked one. Fortunately, he dodged trouble pretty well despite his high pitch counts, and the Angels beat up Luke Hochevar as well, he of the botched attempt to sign by the Dodgers some years back. That sort of self-absorbed silliness probably ended up hurting him more than it helped him; as it was, he's had two sub-100 ERA+ seasons in a row as a 25- and 26-year-old, and today's game was a great example of why, giving up all seven runs the Angels would score.

The Angels' pen did a serviceable job, with lately absent Jason Bulger pitching a surprisingly scary two outs (mostly because of his command)* to follow Saunders in the sixth; and Matt Palmer dodged and weaved through a couple hits and a walk in two frames. Jose Arredondo finished the game uneventfully, the best possible outcome for him.

And not a single homer for the Angels, which these days is noteworthy.

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*I'm reminded in the comments that Bulger's scariness, if at all, was really due to a self-inflicted error, but otherwise he did okay. Got him confused with Matt Palmer, who was at times a bit wild but effective.

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Bulger allowed only one baserunner, and that was on his own error on what could have been an inning-ending double play ball.
i am increasingly hating your reviews. you are the a terrible angels fan (minus the fact that you run an angels blog). your recaps are just ALWAYS negative and to be frank annoying.

bomb ass minor league reports tho. they will keep me coming back.
You must be new around here. Don't think of it as "negative" as much as "defense against disappointment".
In any event, my point about Bulger was that I didn't see anything about his command of the strike zone that made his two batter appearance scary. One batter reached on a slow dribbler that went under Bulger's glove when he looked to see where the baserunners were, and the other grounded into a 4-6-3 DP. It was a two batter, six pitch (five strikes) appearance. I don't know where you came up with the command issues comment.
Probably confused him with what I was getting from Palmer. Gah.

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