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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tea Leaves Gather For Another First-Round Exit: Red Sox 4, Angels 1

John Lackey just bid down his value to the Yankees some as he did himself no favors in Fenway. Other 'n that, I have no comments other than I'm getting sick of watching the Angels stumble into the finish. Play like you mean it, dammit.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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I doubt 2 ER in 7.2 innings is going to bid down his value. Our problems these days are at the plate. But agree with the general sentiment, esp after having suffered through the game at Yankee Stadium last night.
i cant wait until minor league season is over so i can stop coming to this site. you are not an angels fan.
the results of two road games in mid-September are trivial, when ALDS Game 1 starts in October in Anaheim.

Look at the hypothetical other side - if we won the last two games 10-0, no one would break open the champagne and start planning the parade.
Ivan: Lackey historically stinks at Fenway (career 6.34 ERA). Another loss isn't helpful, though you're right about the earned runs.

Nick: the season tickets I hold tell me otherwise.

Brian: Just so. Yet, the problem I see in these games is that the Angels' pitching staff is weak, and the offense is stalled of late.
Does Lackey cry about the official scoring after every game or only when he loses to boston - what a crybaby.
we aren't a 'perfect team' - no one is, and agree with your earlier post that the Yanks are the most formidable. The SP picthing has been solid enough as of late, but the 'pen is a concern as it has been all year.

Nevertheless, we have enough to go to battle in October and we'll just have to wait and see how the ball bounces then. I'm thinking two streaks will end - Boston over us and then us over the Yanks. But you never know and that's why they play'em and why the last two games don't mean much to me since Texas is helping out so graciously.
Well, the Angels are having a rough road trip in terms of flight schedules, but sheesh. Tonight's (Wed.) current performance is making it look more and more like they are practicing for their annual playoff choke. I guess the fact that this makes me feel like my heart is in my stomach also means I am "not an angels fan."

Rob, good job on responding calmly to that ad hominem attack. :D
The hitters have responded (current game on Wed.)! Glad to see my pessimism proven wrong for now... :)
Turned it around in the bottom of the seventh! 1-2-3!
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This comment has been removed by the author.
What can you say? What can anyone say?

Fuentes shouldn't have loaded the bases in the first place. Yes, the umpire screwed up. But who put the umpire in a situation where one lousy call could turn the whole game?

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