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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pickoff Moves

It's Official: Jed Hoyer New Padres GM

Per the Padres' website.
"I'm so excited for this incredible opportunity ... My goal is to build a consistent winner, year in and year out, for the city of San Diego. It's a clear goal. I want to make sure we can win consistently, and I'm incredibly lucky to have the pieces in place already, with a really good young core and a good farm system."
Tracy Ringolsby has a piece on the front office changes in both San Diego and Toronto.

MLB Postseason Ratings Up 15% Over Last Year

So says Maury Brown; the Yankees being in a longer series against the Angels certainly couldn't have hurt. In New York, ALCS Game 6 trounced the Sunday night Giants NFL game.

Baseball America Releases Its Angels Draft Report Card

No surprise that Mike Trout leads this list with a huge Arizona League season; something I didn't know: "Trout has the tools to be a plus center fielder."

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