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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yankees Clinch On Another Pathetic Angels Pitching Performance: Yankees 5, Angels 2


Joe Saunders had mostly nothing in the fourth, and that was the ballgame.

Exciting sub-moment: Vlad ended Mo Rivera's scoreless streak at home. Big whoop.

Update, the morning after: Vlad getting doubled off first in the second inning is one of those memories that will stick for a while. His idiotic baserunning gaffes are not something I will cherish. Likewise, the eighth inning Keystone Cops errors by Kazmir and Kendrick were simply dreadful.

Chone Figgins got a cameo as the leadoff man driven in by Vlad; there's a certain irony in Vlad having a good postseason just in time to watch him hit the market.

Jered Weaver was not a good choice to start this game (despite some grumbling I'm hearing about elsewhere) because of his road splits and the extreme left-handed lineup the Yankees can run out there. That's two major weaknesses right there. But he's accumulated a fine postseason record again this year.

Juan Rivera is a part-time player again, or should be. He hit .200 in this series with only one extra-base hit, but the worst of it was his .257/.309/.418 second half.

Update 2: Where was Brian Cashman last night?


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Before this series, I was sure the Yankees were going to win the World Series easily.

Now, I'm convinced they're down in 5. The Angels tried their mightiest to hand the 3-game sweep to New York, and the thing still went 6.
Juan Rivera should throw his hat in the ring to be the Angels designated hitter in 2010. Juan's 2009 DH numbers .395/.422/.698 were stellar. Granted that was in a small sample size. Rivera was 17-for-43 with 4 home runs and 9 RBI as a DH in 2009. Rivera really shined in June. It must have been all that National League pitching!

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