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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Simers On Anderson

It's a rare thing when T.J. Simers isn't either acrid or jejune, but today's column hits the right note about Garret Anderson's possible retirement if GA doesn't make the Dodgers as a left-handed pinch-hitting specialist:
"A few years ago when Tim Salmon was a guest at Angels camp he says to me, 'It's funny when you come up, you got to show them you can play, and when you get older you got to show them again you can play.'

"But it's like I told my kids when I left L.A., either way it goes, I'm coming home. I'm coming home for good, or I'm coming home to play for the Dodgers."

Either is possible, and given the Dodgers' outfield situation, it's likely he'll be sipping mai tais in April. Good luck to you, Garret. You were a great Angel.

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Exactly - I thought Simers's shtick was to kick, kick, kick, regardless of the dog's being up or down.

An aside: almost every WS champ has >= 1 HOFer. I thought GA would get to 3000 hits and get in that way, but that seems unlikely now. Frankie's probably the last chance. It would be kind of cool if no one on the team did.
Garret Anderson, 3000 Hits or not, is no Hall Of Famer.

Not. Even. Close.
OK, it'd be a tough sell, but:
1) 3000 hits has always been a golden ticket.
2) my gut says that GA did very well in RBIs per expected RBI, though I never see that stat. It baffles me that stat-heads see the word "RBI" and reflexively scoff. Keith Law just did that on a chat on ESPN. Let the counter-revolution begin, though probably not on this blog.
I think the problem ultimately, Richard, is that the bar is raised in the steroid era, even for players not necessarily accused of being juicers.

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