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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pickoff Moves

Overdue: A.J. Ellis Up, Brad Ausmus Down With Back Woes

Brad Ausmus hit the 15-day DL with a back injury as the Dodgers called up A.J. Ellis from Albuquerque. Was this not predictable?

Padres Place Chris Young On The 15-Day DL

... with shoulder tightness.

Why I (Usually) Don't Read Bleacher Report: Monday Morning Quarterbacking The Angels' 2009/2010 Offseason

It's not a bad theory, failing to let John Lackey pitch his way out of trouble in last year's ALCS Game 5, but c'mon, the guy loaded the bases on a double and two walks. While I appreciate the gamesmanship needed to note that leaving Lackey in could only have good consequences for the Angels' in a business sense (if he succeeds, the Angels live to fight another day, and if he fails, he's that much cheaper in the offseason), but not in the bullfighter-in-the-ring sense (pull him now, he's about to get gored). But it also ignores the pissing contest that was his choice when he decided to negotiate his next deal in the papers, and also, to my recollection, started the last two seasons on the DL.

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