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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Committing Suicide In The Bronx: Yankees 7, Angels 5

I will have more to say about this game later; the day started inauspiciously with several members of the team witnessing a suicide jumper across the street from their hotel. It was really a prelude to this game, which included a heroic ninth-inning comeback featuring a too-little-too-late Bobby Abreu grand slam; but the rest of the news was appalling and too much of the same: All the Mike Scioscia callouts in the press in the world won't make this team any better; but the flaws exhibited in spring training seem to be continuing into the regular season.


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I'm not sure how you can call a diving stop a "flub".
The way it was called on the radio, they made it sound like he muffed it.
Ahh, gotcha. Then they were being unfair. He dove to his left, full extension, but his glove was a little high and it squirted off his thumb further left, so that Aybar had to stop and turn around to grab it - not in time to stop the second run from scoring.

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