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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vin Scully Day: Dodgers 9, Diamondbacks 5

The deal that sent Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks was one of the biggest pieces of news in the offseason, and one of its great puzzles. Kennedy had been an injury-prone enigma with the Yanks, a disappointing headcase whose early dominance as a starter made his eventual disappearance inevitable. That the Snakes figured they could make something of him while unloading one of their top pitching prospects makes the deal even more of a head-scratcher.

So to yesterday; the Dodgers bashed Kennedy early and often, and while he wasn't what you'd call terrible through four, the hit batter in the second (Casey Blake) turned out to be a predictor for the rest of the game. The Dodgers hammered him for a pair of home runs in the fourth, and even then Kennedy got a break as Blake DeWitt, who reached on a walk, erased himself on the base paths for no good reason.

The fifth featured a Matt Kemp one-out solo blast, and Kennedy walking in a run; it was that sort of day. The best part of it — albeit for only three innings, more's the pity — was finally getting to hear Vinny's voice on the radio again. It's almost like they haven't been playing baseball all this time until today. So I declare that here on out — for however many years it lasts — the first regular season game called by Vinny should be designated Vin Scully Day. Next year, the Dodgers should open at home, and the season should be that much better because of it.

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