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Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Case Of Inflamed ERA Sends Haeger To Albuquerque, John Ely Replaces Him

I didn't mention it after recapping the dreadful game Charlie Haeger had Saturday, but as is often the case, Haeger was sent down to the 15-day DL with plantar fasciitis. Dodger fans will no doubt roll their eyes; the condition (which Helen recently got, ironically enough) is "a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia", i.e. a soft tissue injury that would be very difficult to diagnose even with modern imaging equipment.

John Ely got the callup to replace him, and though he wasn't in AAA for the mandatory 10 days, the callup is ostensibly to replace an injured player, and so the Dodgers organization comes up with something nobody really believes.

But the Dodgers must have had an idea he wouldn't be down long, because Ely said he never even joined Albuquerque. Instead, he reported to Class A Inland Empire, where he threw a bullpen session Saturday. He worked out in Los Angeles on Sunday and flew to Phoenix, but not with the club.
Related: Vicente Padilla is out until June.

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Is he hurt, doesn't seem like it, but it WOULD explain why he's been so bad. I'm inclined to believe them, plus I really don't care that much to assume they're lying (this time). At least they can keep him by DL'ing him.

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