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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Angels Win Despite Fuentes Implosion: Angels 5, Rays 4 (11 Innings)

The wonder wasn't so much that Brian Fuentes gagged up his second blown save of the year in six opportunities; it was really that the Angels (read: the unlikely Joel Piniero and Kevin Jepsen) managed to hold the Rays scoreless through seven innings.

Torii Hunter's sac fly in the first gave the Angels an early lead; they picked up another on Hunter's solo shot in the third, and two more on Mike Napoli's second homer of the year. But once the Rays got exposed to Fernando Rodney, all of a sudden it was as if they remembered that, even despite their recent blanking streak (they last scored in the second inning of Saturday's game against Oakland's Ben Sheets), they are still the second-best offense in the league.

Noteworthy, therefore, was the 2010 debut of Trevor Bell in the bullpen, he who also got the win. I confess to being highly surprised that he was called up (the Angels demoting Robb Quinlan to make room, presently with no hits in six at-bats), but pleased at the outcome. I thought as I watched the game that it was his first career win; but no, it's his second, the first being August 18, 2009 against Cleveland on the road.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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