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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dodgers Smash Old Foes: Dodgers 7, Diamondbacks 3

It shocked me to find out that Rodrigo Lopez made the Arizona roster this year by way of having his contract purchased from AAA Reno. At first I thought, because I didn't recall the name, that he was relatively young. Not so. He's been around the league, first coming up with the Padres in 2000, and the Dodgers have handled him pretty well, to the tune of a 4.02 career ERA against.

The Dodgers didn't exactly smash Lopez last night — four runs over seven frames isn't anything to be ashamed of — but it was enough for the win, anyway. The Dodgers also beat three insurance runs out of the former Cub and Giant, Bob Howry, for good measure. Judging by his 8.16 ERA, it looks like the well-traveled 36-year-old is on his way out of baseball.

ESPN BoxDodgers recap

One brief note before I go here: I did sneak peeks at Sunday's 2-0 win over the Rocks in which Clayton Kershaw performed admirably. Like the Dodgers, the Rocks are mid-pack in offense by runs scored, which means Kershaw's containment is not a fluke of the opposition. Kershaw has growing yet to do; the wobbling of his youth isn't reason to panic, not yet anyway.

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Say Rodrigo Lopez and my response is right-handed pitcher Baltimore Orioles. With the Boo Birds Rodrigo four times pitched enough innings to qualify for the ERA title. He never came close as his lowest ERA was 3.57 in 2002. Lopez was 2-2 in games I saw him pitch against the Angels. Touche for the "he made his debut with the Padres in 2000." I was in Nepal and India that season and missed a lot of MLB debuts.
Not that he stuck around; I should have mentioned that most of his ML tenure was with Baltimore, and that he mostly sucked. Most pitchers would, too, if they had to face the mid-2000's Yankees and Red Sox their share of 36 games or whatever it is now. He has a career 5.90 ERA against the Yanks in 24 appearances, 20 for starts, and a 4.50 ERA against the Sawx in 26 games, 20 for starts.

He's been with the Rockies, Phillies, and Snakes most recently. I'll be surprised if he's in the league next year, though I do note he has a 4.30 ERA so far this year despite yesterday's outing.
Lopez will probably be with the Dodgers next year if Colletti has his way.

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