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Monday, May 03, 2010

Not In Franchise Record Territory Yet: Red Sox 17, Angels 8

To be perfectly frank, I wrote this game off after the Sawx got the score to 5-0 in the third; the Angels offense has been iffy lately. Helen then texted me with condolences about the Angels, which I took to mean things had really gotten out of hand, and sure enough: four homers, including a three-run jack by Dustin Pedroia, and neither of Matt Palmer nor Brian Stokes were any better than starter Joe Saunders.

For those wondering whether we're treading on historic territory, it's coming close; the greatest margin of victory by an Angels opponent was 16 runs, done twice, and both 18-2 beatdowns:

The last time the Angels allowed 17 runs or more to an opponent was last year to the Chisox, May 25, a blowout featuring Ervin Santana.

The lesson we learn from this is that the Angels can't continue to allow Saunders to hide an injury. But with no reserves available in the minors, it's not clear, even if he could be put on the DL for nothing worse than an inflamed ERA, what the options are.

Clarification: The above was written when the score was 17-4, going into the top of the ninth. The subsequent rally that trimmed the Angels' deficit, while pleasant, was only a diversion.


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