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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Vinny On Ernie Harwell

I kept meaning to say something about this, but forgot — get it while it exists —

Wait for the flub at 0:50; it's funny, actually.

Update: As anticipated, it's been the subject of an MLB takedown. Sons Of Steve Garvey has a transcript, but it's not nearly the same. MLBAM, you are just disrespectful.

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Thanks, Rob for posting this! Thanks also for pointing out the mistake. The cardinal rule for an announcer when he makes a mistake is to keep on going and not correct it. Ninety percent of the listening audience will never notice the mistake. Ernie Johnson was a pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves and later was a Braves radio/tv broadcaster. Reed Johnson is the one Dodger whom I have seen homer in 2010--in a 4/2/2010 pre-season game at the Big A. Ernie Harwell, Semper Fi!

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