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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Waiting On The Wins: Red Sox 3, Angels 1

The John Lackey rematch went more or less as expected, the Angels failing to capitalize on their big chance in the top of the second, with Brandon Wood striking out swinging with the bases loaded; it would be the first of two times on the night he would whiff. The second time, in the eighth, he managed that feat on three pitches. I always thought Lackey would be good early but bad later; the Angels will have to wait to see how he is at the end of his contract, at which point I hope they make up for today's game. Wood eventually did homer, the Angels' only run in the game; but the character of the game would have been radically different had he gotten a solid single up the middle with the bags juiced to score a couple.

Yet, Fangraphs places the WPA blame on Torii Hunter, mainly for hitting into an inning-ending double play in the third.

I suppose the Angels will eventually stop sucking, but the real question is when, and for how long.

I suppose I should say something nice about Piniero's start, which was legitimately good; but the Angels' offense was the story here. The question of historical suck continues, and tomorrow's game will decide whether the Angels will match their longest losing streak since 2001. You certainly don't want to see them replicate their 1999, in which they had an unimaginable 11-game skid from July 16 through the 26th.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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