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Friday, June 18, 2010

Games, Games, Games, Some Catching Up, And A Return To Service

Administrivia: Away, Now Back

It's been a week since I last posted, but a busy one at work and elsewhere, capped off with a brief trip to San Francisco, and my first-ever visit to the land of the Dodgers' native enemies, AT&T Park (photos to come). All that has lead to this blog getting the short end of that stick. My apologies to whoever may still be following here.

Things I Missed: Roster Notes

Man, that's a lot for just a week.

Angels Survive Late Cubs Uprising: Angels 7, Cubs 6

This one gave Helen a lot to love, especially late in the game; the four-run ninth keynoted by a no-outs three-run jack by Tyler Colvin was especially galling. Carlos Silva took the proximate loss for the Cubs, but the real turd that lost the game was Bob Howry giving up three more runs that really, ultimately put the game out of reach. Great news if you're the Angels, but it's part of a longer stretch of very bad decision-making by Lou Piniella that makes you wonder if he's senile.

On the plus side for the Angels, they got another six-inning game out of Kazmir, and some of the guys who needed it — Brandon Wood and Jeff Mathis in particular — got hits. And what was Howie Kendrick doing at the top of the order, besides not getting on base?

ESPN BoxAngels recap

Manny Gets Mixed Reviews As Boston Slays The Bullpen: Red Sox 10, Dodgers 6

Whatever happened to those Hooters promos for the home team scoring ten runs or more? They were all over the place a few years ago, and completely dried up in 2008 or so. The Fenway faithful could have qualified after this one, only this time Monasterios couldn't handle the job. I remember at one point — in the bottom of the fifth, in fact, after the game was long lost and Travis Schlichting was called on to mop-up duties — that they were intentionally walking David Ortiz to get to ... Kevin Youkilis? It worked, but that's nothing like what you'd call approval.

ESPN BoxDodgers recap

The Very Air Abounds With Ironies: Padres 3, Orioles 2

So, let me see if I have this straight: Of course the Birds fail.


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Well, Howie *did* hit a 2-run homer. . .
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