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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Scott Kazmir, You Are Dead To Me: Rangers 6, Angels 4

I don't want to defame the man unnecessarily, but has anything from Tony Reagins' 2009/2010 offseason gone right? Of course you know I'm warming up to Vlad's return yesterday, one in which he simply crushed a ball that eventually provided the Rangers with their margin of victory. And Darren Oliver has done well for his old-is-new club, too. For my part, I'm peeved that Vlad's 2009 was so injury-plagued and weak; for the world, he looked like a goner. Was he not keeping himself in shape? How odd, and in a walk year, too!

The Angels may need another starter, and sooner than they imagined. Scott Kazmir hasn't had a quality start since June 18 against the hapless Cubs. It's like the new, crappy Angels are replacing the old, better ones, and while I recognize the wisdom in the maxim that it's better to trade a player a year too early than a year too late, I'm having trouble stomaching that right now.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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Vlad looked horribly decrepit last year, when he was supposed to be healthy after getting his knee cleaned out. This followed on the heels of a marked decline in 2008 as well. It wasn't just the knee, either. His bat looked as slow as molasses last year. He struck out a lot more than he ever had. It's frustrating to see him looking so much better, while playing for another team (mind you, I'm happy for him, but it's infuriating as a fan). Whether he is really back or if this is just the final burst of flame from a dying ember, only time will tell.

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