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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Manslaughter Vs. Murder In The Adenhart Trial

Register columnist Frank Mickadeit on the dualing stories being told by the attorneys in the Nick Adenhart murder case:
[Gallo's attorney Jacqueline] Goodman is also employing a subtheme, one that got her in a little trouble: Gallo, an unemployed 22-year-old from San Gabriel, was a poor nobody; the victims were somebodies. Twice, Goodman pointed out the successful lives of the people in the car that Gallo hit on April 9, 2009: "the Angels pitcher, the cheerleader, the aspiring sports agent, the baseball star."

She went too far when she tried to slip why she thinks the victims' social status is relevant. "Within hours" of the accident, she said, "the district attorney gave a press confer—" Price couldn't object fast enough; Judge Richard Toohey sustained. Moments later, Goodman referred to "politics and popularity" as the driving the charges against Gallo. Price again got it stricken.

Eyewitness testimony from Esteban A. Quiroz, whose car was also involved in the accident, said that Gallo's van didn't appear to slow down as he ran the red light.



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