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Monday, October 25, 2010

Please, Let's Keep The Angels' 50th Anniversary Celebrations To A Minimum

I understand about the desire to celebrate the Angels' 50th anniversary — really, I do — but the 1961 team was 70-91. There's some reasons for hope next year — already, I think the bullpen situation is clearer at this point than it was going into the offseason last year — but the history of the Angels prior to 2002 was laden with disappointment. In some ways, the post-2002 squads have been as well, seeing how they've been swept by their historical foe Boston twice in the postseason, and failed to make another World Series appearance despite having the strongest team in franchise history, the 100-win 2008 team.

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What the hell do most of those things have to do with celebrating the 50th anniversary of the franchise? Seriously, you are such a manic depressive, you have to introduce elements of disappointment and regret into even unashamedly happy occasions. Get some help.
There's no damn reason to celebrate a losing team. None.

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