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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Red Sox Sign Carl Crawford

The Times among other venues is reporting that Carl Crawford has signed with the Red Sox for 7 years/$142M. If that's the cost of doing business with Crawford, the Angels made the right move in letting him slide.

Instant Twitter reactions:

Jim Alexander:

Obviously Torii Hunter isn't much of a recruiter. #angels #carlcrawford #fail
The Register's Sam Miller:
Poor Torii Hunter, failed to recruit another one. It's almost like these guys would rather have an extra $20 million than do a buddy a solid
And most brutally, Jay Jaffe:
That's bringing a spork to a knife fight. RT @BloggingBombers: source: Angels offered Crawford seven-year deal worth $108 million.
Update: Craig Calcaterra thinks that Cliff Lee is about to get a seven-year deal from the Yanks, Texas will learn to do without, and other useful pieces of intelligence about the hot stove chessboard.

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