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Thursday, April 07, 2011

LAPD To Deploy More Cops In Dodger Stadium — Maybe

The Times is reporting that Dodger Stadium will see a large increase in the number of LAPD officers at games. However:
When asked whether the cost of adding additional officers would be passed on to Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, Beck said he expected the Dodgers would foot the bill. Villaraigosa declined to say whether he had a formal commitment from McCourt to pay what could quickly become a six-figure cost, depending on how big the response and how many games it lasts. Discussions with McCourt and his staff to reach an agreement are ongoing, Villaraigosa said.
Oh, wait — actual moneyz will be involved???!!! Oh, noes!!!11!!1!! SRSLY, this isn't actually going to happen, or if it does, the details, when announced, will be vital.

Update 4/8: Several new stories on this topic elsewhere:

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