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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Bad Day For Joel Pineiro: Braves 5, Angels 4 (12 Innings)

I have very little to say about yesterday's loss, other than noting that Joel Pineiro was unable to continue his high-wire act indefinitely. When you give up eleven hits, you're playing with fire, and so eventually one of those ended up in the Atlanta bullpen, negating all but one run of the 4-0 lead the Angels had built up for their starter.


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Don't forget the Triple A (or perhaps Double A) level play(s) by Amarista. Bunting into a double play? Expecting Bobby Abreu to run to center field from left? C'mon. The latter bonehead move cost the Angels the losing run.

Also, Mike Scoscia managed the game poorly, leaving a struggling Joel Pineiro in far too long. Scoscia failed to recognize that Pineiro was struggling even before he gave up the three-run shot and should've had bullpen pitchers warming up far, far sooner in the game.

This was a salvageable, winnable game, especially considering the bullpen didn't give up a single earned run in its entire 5.2 innings of play.

Someone in the Yahoo! News comments section is calling for Arte Moreno to be fired. Not sure how an owner can fire himself, but certainly it looks like Reagins, Scoscia and Hatcher are all past their "best before" dates.

- Chris
Yes, especially galling since the bullpen was fully rested from Friday's CG SHO by Santana.

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