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Saturday, May 14, 2011

How To Kick Frank To The Curb

Via BTF, a beautiful if wildly impractical approach to evicting Frank McCourt:
So go ahead and buy the Dodgers. Then give Tim Leiweke a call and tell him you’re ready to bring the team downtown. Then call Anaheim and get a price on rent for three seasons or so of Dodger baseball in Orange County while Leiweke builds a new stadium. Tell them you’ll match what the Angels pay: $2 million a year. What the heck! Make it $3 million. In an era of tight budgets, Anaheim will take it – and you’ll save $11 million a year in rent. That’s enough to buy a very good ballplayer – or make a nice down payment on Dodger Stadium renovations if you owned the stadium.

Now call Frank McCourt. Tell him you’ll buy Dodger Stadium and the parking lots. Tell him about your calls to Tim Leiweke and to Anaheim. Tell him you’re ready to move to Anaheim for three years so you can fix up Dodger Stadium, or so Leiweke can build a new ballpark four miles away. It doesn’t matter which. Now tell him the price you’ll pay for Dodger Stadium and the parking lots goes down every minute.

Remind him that if there’s no sale, he loses his sole tenant right now. Tell him when his property taxes are due.

Then hang up.

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The Dodgers playing at Angel Stadium? As Dick Enberg would say, 'Oh my!' --- the new owner better be prepared to pay for every item (such as toilet paper) that they shaked down Gene Autry for.

This also maybe give Frank and Jamie an idea beneficial to them - knowing how to leverage parking lots and milk money out of a stadium, maybe they just sell Chavez Ravine lock stock and barrel to developers and move to new digs in the area, maybe Anaheim even - who'll ever throw enough money at them to keep up their affluent life style.

Assuming they wrest control back from MLB, I'm sure MLB would be all in favor of a new Dodger Stadium. And as long as its in the geographical area anyways, maybe MLB couldn't stop them if they wanted to. Why buy when you can rent, Frank?
The difference, Brian, being that the Angels don't own the stadium.

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