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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pickoff Moves

Weaver, Mediocre: Rangers 4, Angels 1

I missed much of this game, but the parts I missed I either didn't want to see anyway or wished I had. Jered Weaver has, despite my flawed memory, pitched fairly well in Arlington, with a career 3.73 ERA in 71 IP. He gave up four tonight in six innings of work, not great but hardly terrible.

The major good news was Kevin Jepsen and Trevor Bell each providing a clean inning in the seventh and eighth innings respectively. Otherwise, the Angels' offense fell down on the job, save for a fluke solo homer by Erick Aybar, causing the Halos to drop their third straight game, and slicing another win off their division lead, now only a half game over Texas. Nice while it lasted, I guess.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

Dodgers Barely Hold On To A Kershaw Win: Dodgers 4, Diamondbacks 3

Kershaw was masterful through seven, giving up only five baserunners while striking out eleven. Unfortunately, the bullpen nearly gave it all back, as anointed closer Vicente Padilla left the game in the ninth with the tying run in scoring position, and the winning run at first. That was that, and Don Mattingly pulled him for Kenley Jansen, who somehow managed to finish the game without further incident. Yow.

ESPN BoxDodgers recap

Sad News: Harmon Killebrew Nears Death

From esophageal cancer; the great Twins slugger was their cleanup hitter in the 1965 World Series against the Dodgers. A great player and a nice guy by all accounts.

Late: Is Howie Kendrick For Real?

Yes, but we'll see how real; his BABIP is awfully high in early going.

Just For Fun: Harry Shearer Does Vin Scully Announcing The McCourt Fire Sale

Starts at about 32:00. Great fun.

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Rob, what's the date of the Shearer show you're referring to? The link goes to 4-24, but I can't find the schtick you mention on that one.
Yes, it's that show. Starting at about 32:30 or a bit after.

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