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Friday, May 13, 2011

Meta: Test Post: Is Blogger Really Back?

The great Blogger outage appears to be over. We shall see.

It's weird — I don't remember whether I wrote anything yesterday, but I think I did. Hopefully it will come back as Blogger restores posts made since 7:37 AM PDT Wednesday.


For what it's worth, my lost post is not back. Happily, I have it locally, but boy, this really illustrates the downside of the cloud.
Rob, I'm pretty sure you did post something. When I first checked in here this morning, I noticed that something was missing. I can't remember exactly what you had posted (sorry), but I know there was something subsequent to the Wednesday bullet points. I kept hitting refresh, thinking that my browser was for some reason using an earlier cached page.
I had my post from yesterday disappear on True Grich as well... Luckily I had saved it locally as well. Glad to know it wasn't just me doing something wrong.
Well, we'll see. I imagine they'll bring it back ... eventually.
Yes, it was up, and then it was down. It's back up again now, happily, but from now on I'm backing up every post. I've looked at clouds from both sides, now.

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