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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pickoff Moves: Catching Up Edition

Bobby Abreu Did What? Angels 6, Yankees 4

Twitter being this high-speed, low-signal-to-noise medium that it is, I don't now recall who mentioned this, but Abreu had hit one home run per month up until yesterday — at which point he got a pair in a single game, one of them off Mo Rivera. Whether that qualifies as a miracle or not depends on how good you think Rivera is at this stage of his career. He carried a 1.87 ERA into yesterday's game, so you can scarcely complain if you're a Yankees fan.

The most hilaripus part was the ending: with Mark Teixeira at the place, Curtis Granderson erased himself trying to steal second, which sounds like the kind of mistake Mike Scioscia would make. It's what I love about this game: every day, there's something else weird.

Dan Haren pitched well through six, but got into trouble in the seventh that Fernando Rodney predictably amplified by allowing all his inherited baserunners to score, foreclosing on a win for Haren, who surely deserved better.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

Bryan Stow Beating Suspects Plead "Not Guilty"; Stow's Condition Improves

Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood pled not guilty to charges they beat Bryan Stow, according AP reports.

In related news, Stow is moving his arm and kissed his sister, according to a press release from his family. Prosecutors in the case say Sanchez and Norwood made 'admissions' regarding the events of the day.

Dodgers To Lose $29M In Attendance Revenue


Happy Garret Richards Day!

A fun post in the Register by Sam Miller about what to expect from newbie Garret Richards, lately hauled up from AA Arkansas.

Eddie Bane Speaks Out

He said, she said. I disagree with Sam Miller when he says, "I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bane firing hangs over his head more than any player move he has made. More than Kazmir, more than Wells." That's because Bane drafts weren't that great, and the team wasted picks on some players who clearly weren't going to sign.

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