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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Korean Nuttiness

Foreign interest in MLB advances. I ask: does this require translation?

No, I don't think so, though I do wonder why Adrian Beltre is so angry. Why is he running through the opposition like a mad bull? Probably just as well he went to the Mariners, then. Why is Milton Bradley carrying a box leaking baseballs over his head? Is the perceived reason in Korea for Green's departure that he quarreled with Hee-Seop Choi? So many questions, so few answers.

Hat tip to Richard for this wacky meme.

Update: McCovey Chronicles found the main link to the series, and kindly gives us this helpful translation:

These aren't just funny because they are in an unfamiliar language. This Dodger one is obviously hilarious in any language. What in the world is Milton Bradley doing in every panel? I'd like to think the caption for Bradley just reads, "I am schizophrenic! I desperately need medical attention! My soul is in tatters!", over and over. It would be even cooler if that could be expressed in just two Korean characters.
But then, there's the downside of mentioning things like this. Idiots wonders aloud why there's no cartoon for the A's. The answer is obvious: God does not answer letters... we can only wait, and hope.

Update 2: Based on fanerman91's kind translations in the comments below, Richard reworks the captions back into English. Thanks, guys.

Almost forgot these:
The aging Giants The unfortunate fate of Guillermo Mota
The aging Giants (though wouldn't they like to have
four Barry Bonds, wooden or not?)
The unfortunate fate of Guillermo Mota
Spielberg meets Santana Ortiz as Shrek
Spielberg Meets Santana Ortiz as Shrek

The player with the box over his head is Bradley, you can barely read his name in the Jose Lima panel...
Whoever this guy is, he knows his baseball. He's even included Mrs. Lima's twins.
And what a less festive place the Dodgers wives' section will be sans Mrs. Lima and her gifts!
Yeah, I know, Richard already linked to it. Nutty, I tells ya, nutty.
>> The player with the box over his head is Bradley, you can barely read his name in the Jose Lima panel...<<

Appropriately enough, if it is in fact Bradley, we must assume, given that players' names are written in all caps, that it was spelt BLADLEY, wholly appropriate for an Asian transliteration.
As for why they haven't done the A's yet, same reason they haven't done Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Texas or Toronto. It's being done alphabetically. Oakland's next. I'm looking forward to more.
Too bad the Google translation is worthless regarding Bradley's caption. It comes out as "Right ~"
Thanks for the translations!
I think you have two separate episodes mixed up. There was one incident where he didn't like an umpire's ball/strike calls, and another where he got ejected for soda-bottle throwing. Bad news, either way, but it wasn't all the same incident... they just kinda run together in your mind.
Man ,oh man, does this person ever know baseball! Not only Lima's wife (which I was not aware of) but the fact that Ishii throws with his eyes closed too. Man, these are funny. Can we get translations for the others?
The unadulterated Mrs. Jose Lima, looking on whilst her husband sings the National Anthem.

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