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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Games, Games, Games

Wrigley Wrecking Crew: Cubs 19, Brewers 5

The last time the Cubs scored 19 runs or more was against the Dodgers on May 5, 2001, when they pounded Darren Dreifort for a surprisingly manageable four runs through six innings. The thing that put it out of reach in that game was a pair of relievers I now barely remember, the first being Terry Adams, and the second, rookie Jose Antonio Nunez, surrendering seven and nine runs, in Nunez' case, four unearned thanks to an error by shortstop Alex Cora.

Adams came to the Dodgers as a result of the team trying to find a taker for the inconsistent Ismael Valdez, one of Kevin Malone's rudderless decisions; Malone took Valdez back mid-season 2000. In Nunez' case, that game was his last with Los Angeles; he was presently flushed to San Diego, where he ended his major league career the next season. Looking at those 2001 Dodgers, what really pops out at you is just how bad the non-Brown, non-Park parts of the rotation were (including a young Eric Gagne), and how mediocre the bullpen was. Giovanni Carrara sported an ERA+ of only 125, while alleged closer Jeff Shaw clocked in at 110. What a disaster.

Back to today's Cubs ... Jeff Suppan gave up eleven runs, eight earned, while Geovany Soto blasted a pair of homers, one off Suppan and one off reliever Brian Shouse, putting him in the lead for home runs by NL catchers. Perhaps not insignificantly, ex-Angel Derrick Turnbow gave up six runs, all earned, while making only two outs, sending his ERA to a stratospheric 15.63.

The Cubs end the day 17-10, percentage points ahead of the 18-11 Cardinals.

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Dodgers Crush Marlins: Dodgers 13, Marlins 1

The talk in today's DT thread was how with this victory, the Dodgers have a Pythagorean record of 16-11 instead of their actual 14-13. Considering the Dodgers spent more time under .500 than above it, such talk should be relegated to the same place as histories where Hitler won the Second World War and Jefferson Davis chases the overbearing Abraham Lincoln out of Washington.

I do add, though, that BPro's third-order standings puts the Dodgers at no less than a game, maybe two, back of their "actual" record, which is maybe something this one should undoubtedly help. The Dodgers scored against all but one of the six pitchers the Fish sent up to the mound. Rafael Furcal went 5-for-6 and scored three runs, completing the hottest April of his career. Blake DeWitt ripped an RBI single and a bases-loaded triple to pace the team with four RBIs. It's not so much that I think Andy LaRoche won't get his chances, it's that there seems to be the impression that DeWitt is doing so much more with the time he's up here.

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Straight A's For Santana: Angels 6, A's 1

Ervin Santana owned a career 1.38 ERA against Oakland prior to tonight's game, and you can knock that down to 1.25 following a game in which the only run was unearned thanks to Matt Brown's error.

A's starter Dana Eveland felt something pull in the top of the second as he came out to the mound, causing the team to send their trainer and pitching coach to the mound. That same inning, the Angels scored twice against him, and never looked back. Casey Kotchman, now inexplicably batting seventh, showed why he should be higher in the order by going 3-for-4 with 3 RBIs.

A great way to end the month, as the Angels now hold the division lead uncontested at 18-11, the best record in the American League.

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One correction: it's Geovany Soto.

Also not sure if you heard, but Adenhart is getting called up to start tomorrow. I'm guessing you think this is a bad idea.
Never mind, seems you heard about the beginning of Ade-rock.

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