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Monday, May 05, 2008

Pickoff Moves

Rocky Mountain Lowe: Rockies 7, Dodgers 2

Derek Lowe owns a 6.23 ERA at Coors Field, but judging from the video I saw of this game (I was at Angels Stadium yesterday afternoon while this one was in progress), Lowe was leaving 'em up, didn't have his sinker working, and was giving up line drive after line drive. Checking his groundball to flyball out ratio, this indeed indicates something is not only amiss with Lowe in Colorado, but thus far all season, as his 3.32 G/F historical rate is well above the 1.94 G/F he's accumulated to date this year. Simply put, Lowe's sinker isn't sinking like it used to, and while a G/F anywhere near two is still a useful pitcher, his 2008 5.72 K/9 is off by almost a full point from his 2007 season of 6.64, though that admittedly was something of an outlier itself (career 5.87 K/9). A guy who misses as few bats (relatively speaking) as Lowe does has to keep that ball down and get batters to beat out grounders to his infield to be effective. It's not clear that Lowe is doing that well so far this year.

And yeah, this marked the end of the Dodgers' fun little eight-game win streak. Bummer.

Yahoo boxRecap

Jay Jaffe Finds A Treasure Trove Of SI Buzzie Bavasi Interviews From 1967

A great find by Jay Jaffe, a series of four Buzzie Bavasi articles: Great stuff. Jaffe:
Full of more than a little bravado, the four-part series offers a revealing window into the tactics of a Reserve Clause-era executive so smug about holding the best cards in the negotiation game that he could afford to lay them on the table for the world to see.

Get To Work, Frank And Arte

... because John Beamer notes you're both underperforming expected revenues, the Angels especially so.

Roster Notes

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