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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pickoff Moves

Starting A New Streak: Dodgers 5, Mets 1

This was a fun game, if only because of Blake DeWitt's first major-league home run and the silent treatment his teammates gave him on his return to the dugout. I was going to say something here about the state of the Mets and Oliver Perez in particular (last night's losing pitcher), but time prohibiteth.

Yahoo boxRecap

Bud Black Earns His First Ejection

The Padres are having a rough road of it so far, and while I forgot to mention that Bud Black got his first ejection of the year on Sunday in the Pads' game against the Marlins, you do have to wonder whether San Diego will ever get any offense; the team is next to last in the National League with 108 runs scored, ahead of only the lowly Giants (with 106).

On Buzz Bissinger

When a man so directly declares himself opposed to others based, not on the body of their work but the medium in which they ply their trade, that person is, ipso facto, a jackass. To give you a sense of how I think the writing about sports should be practiced, I point my klieg light at Jon Weisman, and recall James Joyce's quote on his own aims, namely, "to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated consciousness of my race". While that amounts to a grand overstatement, and what we do here on the Internet is hardly capital-A "Art", the discovery of plausible truth amidst diversion remains the focus of the enterprise. Obscurantist hacks like Bissinger, whose work includes the execrable hagiography Three Nights In August, only serve to pollute that discussion, and openly seek to debase it. His difference with the bloggers he scorns is not so much in kind as in pay grade, as though he should be given epaulets and chevrons for having achieved the rank of "sportswriter".

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Well-put, on Buzz. Nice job. I can't speak to the rest of his published work, but I thought that he was way out of line.

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