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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mariners Implode, John McLaren Detonates

John McLaren goes off on a profane tirade after getting swept at home by the Angels, whom some people (including the Mariners' front office) inexplicably believed they would challenge for the division this year. Not quite as unintentionally piquant as the Tommy Lasorda rant on Dave Kingman's performance, but certainly a symptom of the expectation/performance differential.

Mariners President Chuck Armstrong had previously made the strange move of insulting the team he had indirectly helped to assemble. U.S.S. Mariner points to a transcript of the video, which was slashdotted the first time I tried to watch it and will no doubt be offline within a month:

"We're playing our ass off every day and got nothing to show for it. I'm tired of (expletive) losing, I'm tired of getting my ass beat, and so are those guys. We've got to change this (expletive) around and get after it. And only we can do it.

"The fans are pissed off, and I'm pissed off, and the players are pissed off. And that's the way it is. There's no (expletive) easy way out of this. Can't feel sorry for ourself. Gotta (expletive) buckle it up and get after it.

"I'm tired of (expletive) losing (expletive) every night, and we bust our ass. It's got to be a total team (expletive) effort to turn this thing around, and that's it."

Bavasi on the team he's assembled:
"They may not know how to play the game well, they may not know how to hold each other accountable, they may not know how to fight hard," he said. "But they are playing hard. They are trying hard."
Terrific theater. The USSM boys also speculate on particular dates McLaren will get canned based on away schedules, and note in passing that it was Salt Lake that just swept Seattle seeing as how Vlad, John Lackey, Kelvim Escobar, Erick Aybar (okay, that's a stretch), and Chone Figgins did not appear in the series. (But come on, Saunders ain't chopped liver.) The M's are on pace to have their worst season since their first three in Seattle, which would make this team among the worst in franchise history. The moral? It's time to trade for Babe Ruth.

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