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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One In A Row: Dodgers 3, Reds 1

I wish I could have seen this one, because a couple of plays turned on Adam Dunn's mobility or lack thereof in left. On a week in which I had to put up with Charlie Steiner tut-tutting the DH not only on his XM radio show but in today's Dodger broadcast thanks to a big story about Hank Steinbrenner blaming NL rules for Chien-Ming Wang's serious foot injury incurred while running the bases (via BTF), you'd think something might click about players with little defensive value and the relative merits of trying to hide them in places like left field. It's significant, at least it seemed to me from listening to the broadcast, that every one of the Dodgers' run-scoring hits went to left. Off to the AL Dunn will scamper someday, and not a moment too soon if these results are typical.

Otherwise, great pitching by Chad Billingsley, who struck out nine to play the stopper to the Dodgers' late five-game skid. Not so good: James Loney grounding into his league-leading 15th double play. Yikes.

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