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Thursday, June 12, 2008

OT: Supremes Vote For Habeas Rights!

The Supreme Court has validated constitutional habeas corpus rights for the third time in six years. Evil keeps trying, though: Bush says he'll try for "new" legislation.
"Today's decision forcefully repudiates the essential lawlessness of the Bush administration's failed Guantanamo policy," said Steven Shapiro, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union. "It should also mark the beginning of the end of the military commission process, which permits the use of coerced evidence and hearsay and thus cannot survive the constitutional scrutiny that today's decision demands. It is time to close Guantanamo, end indefinite detention without charge and restore the rule of law."
It was a close call, though: only 5-4. What is up with those sickos who wanted to keep that gulag open?

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The other 4 justices believe that whatever a Republican President says must be right, Constitution be damned. If the Executive says it, it must be so. That's the crux of it.
As long as we're going off-topic (and this is a bit more ON topic), Andre Either is now blogging...about restaurants in L.A.!

I've been to Shabu Shabu on Sawtelle near Westwood. It's actually extremely bland, which is one reason I never went back.
Speaking off-topically, though on point:

Did you hear about Nate Silver's recent emergence as a sharpshootin' political analyst? Since October 2007, he was posing as the pseudonymous "Poblano" at the liberal advocacy site Daily Kos, making electoral projections for the Democratic primaries that beat all the established pollsters. Folks like Dick Bennett at ARG gave him shit in spades, until he continued to clean their clocks with his electoral estimates and they started wondering what the secret sauce was.

Now he's got a new blog called fivethirtyeight.com where he's tracking the general election race. Only 30 years old and he's already the creator of geek baseball's signature metric (PECOTA) and now he's outfoxing the political demographers. Double play blogging, indeed.

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