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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pickoff Moves

50 Years Ago Today: Voters Approve Dodger Stadium

A close one, but the referendum passed:
"The vote appears to be conclusive," City Councilman Earle D. Baker said in the story written by Carlton Williams. Baker said he considered the result a mandate and would no longer oppose the project.

The main story in The Times gave lots of room to the winning side, with quotes from Poulson and other city officials.

Councilwoman Rosalind Wyman, an early backer of bringing the Dodgers to Los Angeles, was understandably elated. "I sincerely hope the City Council will now pull together and assist the Dodgers with their plan to build the finest baseball stadium in the nation as soon as possible," she said.

Hackers! Angels Lead Baseball's List Of First-Pitch Misrecognizers/Swingers

Here's an interesting Lookout Landing diary on first-pitch swinging (thanks to Stephen Nelson for the link), and not surprisingly, the Angels come out on top in the rather dubious metric of swinging at actual strikes, as only 27% of the first pitches they swing at would put them at 0-1 if they just kept the bat on their shoulders. Is it a surprise that the Angels are in the bottom half of runs scored this year? Sure, Vlad's in a decline-phase death spiral, and then there's Mike's insane wishcasting regarding Gary Matthews, Jr. batting first or second ... but these types of things just drive me batty, so to speak. I repeat my two-year-old rant and move on.

Frank Thomas To Miss Angels Series

Considering the way he's been hitting since he returned to Oakland, the Angels have to be pretty happy that he'll miss the entire series, spending it at home in Las Vegas.

Strange Days: Dodgers Draftee Knows Adversity

Dodgers fourth-round draftee Curtis Devaris-Strange is happier than most for his signing bonus:
Devaris has overcome adversity, even tragedy. When he was 6, his mother (and Gordon's high-school sweetheart), Devona Strange, was murdered by an ex-boyfriend. Ever since, Devaris has wanted to pay for an ornate headstone for his mother's grave in their hometown of Avon Park, Fla.

"[Thursday] night, I said to him, 'You remember that [gravestone] you wanted to buy,' " [his father, Tom] Gordon said. "I said, 'I think you might have the money now to buy it.' "

Via BTF.

Hank Steinbrenner Wants Brian Cashman To Return

We'll see. I still give him 50-50 odds to be the next Dodgers GM. Via BTF.

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