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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pickoff Moves

Bullets Over Broadway

Shawn Chacon Tackles GM, Loses Job, Duh

Shawn Chacon was put on unconditional release waivers by the Astros a day after he threw Astros GM Ed Wade to the floor and was suspended indefinitely.
"Based on the information we have to date, we believe the Astros' response violates the Basic Agreement," union general counsel Michael Weiner said. "If Shawn Chacon clears waivers and is released, we will pursue appropriate relief on his behalf."
The Astros are claiming that Chacon is not due any of his remaining salary because he is being terminated for cause. Rotoworld thinks the Astros are doing Chacon a favor by releasing him, but I'm not so sure; he may not be able to find another taker, and if he were merely suspended, he'd be still drawing the balance of his salary, $983,607.

Dodgers Go To Six-Man Rotation Just For Stults

The Dodgers are going to a six-man rotation, just so they can keep Eric Stults in it.
As for the six-man rotation, Torre joked that the alternative of not letting Stults start again posed a threat to the manager's security, professionally and otherwise.

"You want to get me fired and killed at the same time?" he asked.

Kershaw Wobbly, Dodgers Can't Score — What Else Is New? White Sox 2, Dodgers 0

The only thing really interesting about this game was Andy LaRoche making his major league debut at second base. Otherwise, Clayton Kershaw proved that if he can't spot his curveball, he just won't get through a game too well; he only lasted four innings. He really ought to be sent back to AA or AAA. Brian Falkenborg pitched a scoreless inning, but he won't be long for the Show, I imagine.

Matt Kemp got himself two walks, the only Dodger to get on base three times (the other being a single), and Delwyn Young reached twice, also on two walks. James Loney hit into his league-leading 1,234,566,789th 17th GIDP. There's something wrong with Gameday, it keeps repeating the same game.

Yahoo boxMLB.com recap

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