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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Eric Byrnes Possibly Out For The Season

Not that he was producing that much, but Eric Byrnes may be done for the year according to the Arizona Republic.
Byrnes, who has a strained left hamstring, will have an MRI on Thursday. Melvin said that he thought Byrnes would avoid surgery, but admitted he wasn't looking for Byrnes' return.

"He potentially could be looking at doing it non-surgically, too," Melvin said. "It still could be that he misses the end of the season."

The 32-year-old outfielder has been on the DL twice with strains of each hamstring. He's batting just .209 with 6 home runs and 23 RBIs.

That Carlos Quentin trade just keeps looking worse and worse.

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Barry time.

The AZ scribes are mentioning signing Barry in lieu Byrnes.

Also, there was an article today about Barry to the Red Sox in lieu of Ortiz.

I'd be very OK for Barry to end up in Anaheim.

As for the A's "punting" with regard to the Harden trade, heck, Beane punted in the winter when he let Haren and Swisher go, but the clubhouse didn't get the message. The trade definitely made me happy as maybe Oakland will get it finally - Beane has thrown in the towel on 2008.

But there are almost 80 games left, and the Angels haven't won anything yet, let alone played deep into October.

I'd rather have Barry in Anaheim, than see him sign with another team, especially an AL one.
I agree, but the Angels haven't been known for doing that kind of signing. They got really jittery when Gary Matthews, Jr. was just accused of using human growth hormone. A real heavy-duty steroid user would probably cause a heart attack in the front office. It does make me think Barry's been blackballed.

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