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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Note To Frankie: Rangers 5, Angels 4

Do not pitch to the AL RBI leader when you do not have your A command and you are down 3-1 to him. It was pretty obvious the right thing to do was an intentional pass and go after the next guy.

Jered Weaver actually pitched a good game by the numbers, though as usual he was frustrating to watch with all the pitches getting fouled off; nevertheless, this is Texas, and for a flyball guy like the Weav to escape with only two runs surrendered (one unearned!) and a lead intact is no small feat. Arredondo and Shields also pitched well in relief.

Offensively, the team released the good news that Gary Matthews, Jr. will sit in favor of Juan Rivera most games. Rivera immediately paid dividends in that he got what should have been the game-winning two-run homer in the seventh off Frank Francisco. Yet, he also botched Marlon Byrd's routine single and turned it into a leadoff triple, with Byrd eventually scoring on another error by Vlad. Between those two events, the Angels outfield owes the team a win, or at least extra innings.

Oakland lost 6-4 to Seattle, so the Angels' lead stays stuck at 4.5 games. However, the Rangers are creeping back into it at 6.5 games back.

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I was once told: "NEVER intentionally put the winning run on base" - though I've always been told never to make a substitution when you're defending a corner - and people still do it.

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