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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Roster Notes, Big Trades Edition

As we approach the deadline, this post may grow ... stay tuned ...

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Breaking: Manny to the Dodgers, Ethier or Kemp to the Bucs, and Jason Bay to the Sox.
Robothal says LaRoche, not Kemp, not Eithier. I guess Manny now plays 3B?
Heh, I guess. Thanks for the heads up, jjack and paco.
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[prior post removed to correct an error].

Actually, I forgot about Casey Blake.

So, assuming Torre goes with the optimum Dodgers' lineup, that means $27 million will be sitting on the bench every day. McCourt can't be happy about that, although I suppose a WS title would make it easier to swallow. Not that I think the Dodgers will come close to getting there, but stranger things have happened.

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